Thursday, July 19, 2012

I enjoy usual cards and pictures. One surprise from the 2012 Topps set is the Tom Gorzelanny card.
Tom is a pitcher. What the heck is he or any pitcher doing trying to run over a catcher? Hopefully it was the the 9th inning in August and not the 3rd inning of a game in April when the Nats were down 3 runs.


  1. Another one of those weird "lets show a pitcher batting" photo cards. He is in the road grays if that is any help. I cant' tell what team the catcher is from Braves?

  2. I'm not collecting the 2012 Topps complete set, just the Padres and a few other cards that strike my fancy. Most of the ones that I'm keeping are other players that I like. Others, like this one, just look too awesome to trade. This is one freaking awesome card, I'm glad they used that shot of Gorzelanny.

    I didn't know that you'd started your own blog! Following it NOW.